Halloween is not just for kids!!!


As a mom of 3 daughters when I think of Halloween I really only focus on activities centered around the kids. I try to find haunted hayrides that can be age appropriate even though my kids actually prefer super scary haunted houses. When it comes to Halloween I have always treated it as a family event that starts with picking out super expensive costumes that include wigs, swords, microphones or brains on a plate and lets face it by the time we get to the second house we are usually stuck wearing said wig, holding said sword and thinking I just blew 50 bucks on this stuff and in about 2 hours it will be laying on the living room floor and then ultimately thrown into a pile of toys or dress up clothes not to be seen again. But why can’t adults have fun too. Don’t get me wrong I love that my kids have so much fun on Halloween. I grew up in a house where my parents didn’t do Halloween and my first memory of trick or treating was when i was teenager. So I do all the Halloween stuff with my kids, because I love how excited they get when they see the Halloween store pop up in Rio Grande or how they get so creative with their costumes and they are always thinking outside the box on what they want to be that year, but American’s spend about 7.2 billion dollars a year on Halloween which includes decorations, costumes, candy etc and yes some adults go out and enjoy a party or two but most adults who have children do not and I think it is time that we join in the Spooktacularness (yes I know this is not a real word) of Halloween and guess what you don’t have to drive far to do it.

Not many people realize that Cape May is actually one of the most haunted places in America. Which totally makes sense because the city itself is over 400 years old and it one of the oldest seaside resorts in the country. Many books have been written about all the bumps in the night and many psychic mediums have visited our little town and all have agreed that the psychic energy is like no other. I am actually currently reading a book by Craig McManus who seems like an expert on the subject of Cape May Ghost tales. He has written 4 books on the subject and actually participates in the ghost tours that take place here in Cape May. I never realized how cool Cape May was and I decided that I would come up with a list of activities that parents could enjoy during this Spooktacular month because why should the kids have the all the fun, but just in case you don’t want to part from your children most of the events listed below are kid friendly, but they get all the candy on the 31st so why shouldn’t you get to have a little fun too

Cape Mayhem Trolley Tour:  Half hour trolley tour through the gas lit streets of Cape May.  Hear stories from Cape May’s history that are bizarre, unexplained or just downright weird! Tours begin and end at the Washington Street Mall Information Booth. Some tour dates start and end at the Physick Estate.

Tickets are Adults: 12.00 and Children 3-12 are $8.00



Clueless at the Physick Estate: This is new for 2016 when participates listen for clues and try to solve the crime. The website says tickets are very limited

Tickets are $18.00



Ghost of Cape May Trolley tour:”Nobody knows Cape May’s ghosts better than psychic medium Craig McManus. Your MAC guide relates his findings on this 30-minute trolley tour through darkened streets of Cape May beneath flickering gas lamps. Discover just what the ghosts said to McManus and where they are living…well, sort of.” As stated on the MAC website.

Tickets are Adults: 12.00 and Children 3-12 are $8.00



A Walk with a Ghost Writer: This is a 1 hour walking tour with Craig McManus where you hear about his own experiences with the Ghost of Cape May.

Tickets are $25.00



Ghost of the Lighthouse Trolley Tour: This is an evening tour that takes you along a ghostly path that ends at the lighthouse and you even will have the opportunity to take the walk up to the top of the lighthouse.

Tickets are $22 for adults or children (3-12) $15.00 (Tickets are very limited)



Historic Haunts Combo Tour : You will combine the Ghost Trolley ride with a visit to the Physick Estate where you will actually hear about ghost hunting and Victorian Era spirituality.

Tickets are $22 for adults and $15.00 for Children (3-12)



Midnight at the Physick:  Only 25 people will get to experience midnight at the Physick Estate where he will share his stories and try to channel a few spirits.

Tickets are $50.00 per person



Phantoms of the Physick Estate:

Saturdays, Oct. 15-29: 1pm-4pm

Step into the 19th century where mourning rituals mixed superstition with necessity.  Experience the unexpected on this 30-minute guided tour through the 1879 Emlen Physick Estate.  Offered Saturdays 10/15-10/29 from 1:00-4:00 p.m. at 15 minute intervals.


Tickets are $12.00 for adults and $8.00 for children (3-12)


Rest in Peace Dinner: This is new for 2016

Enjoy a four-course Halloween-themed dinner (in honor of the 150th anniversary of Dr. Emlen Physick’s death), paired with wines from a local winery, at the Carriage House Café & Tearoom. Limited event; reservations necessary. $75.


All the above events are sponsored by the MAC Center and all tickets can be purchased online or you may also purchase tickets at the Washington Street Mall Information Booth at Ocean Street, where tour begins, or at the Physick Estate at 1048 Washington St. at the Carriage House. http://www.capemaymac.org/


Murder Mystery Dinner: Join the Impromptu Players who will set the scene for an original mystery at Aleathea’s Restaurant, Enjoy a four-course dinner as you contemplate the clues, interact with the cast and help solve the mystery. Sponsored by the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts & Humanities (MAC). For more information, call 609-884-5404 or 800-275-4278


Masquerade Ball 2016 at Congress Hall: October 28th, 2016

It will be quite a night this October 28th as Congress Hall’s Ballroom transforms for the ultimate Halloween Party: The Masquerade Ball. Enjoy a signature festive cocktail and some treats as you dance the night away. Wear your favorite costume for a chance to win over $1000 in prizes in any  of the following categories: Best Congress Hall Icon, Best Political Character, Scariest, Funniest, Best Couple, Crowd/ Guest Choice, Best Overall.  Be sure to bring a splendid mask to hit the dance floor.  Tickets to the Masquerade Ball are $25. For questions and information call 609-884-6583. http://www.caperesorts.com/concierge/capemay/seasonalevents/masquerade-ball-2016/

Elaine’s: Elaine’s Inn and Restaurant is actually a very haunted establishment and has been featured in a number of different books and TV shows. They have a number of events throughout the month to celebrate Halloween.


Ghost Hunters Weekend:  Oct 14th and 15th

Elaine’s is a well documented Haunted House built in the 1880’s. Come spend a weekend searching for spirits with help from the pros! Enjoy a two night stay at Elaine’s Victorian Inn (you will love our delicious complimentary breakfast!). On Friday evening there will be a Welcome Reception with champagne and dessert. You will enjoy a private reading from our psychic Laurie Hull who has been investigating haunted locations for decades. Your weekend also includes dinner and a show at Elaine’s Famous Dinner Theater and a Walking Ghost Tour around Cape May. On Saturday evening, you will explore Elaine’s in search of spirits, using professional ghost detecting tools!

Drunken Pumpkin Carving:  October 27th 2016 5-9pm (Judging at 8PM)

Halloween Costume Party: October 30th 7-12 PM (Call for reservations)

Not So Haunted Breakfast (Family Event) October 30th

Murder Mystery Weekend: November 11th and 12th and November 18-19th Who done it?! Elaine’s needs your help to crack the case!  Join us for a weekend of mystery and mayhem.  You will be provided with clues throughout your weekend stay at Elaine’s.  Friday evening, there will be a meet and greet cocktail reception where you will meet the potential suspects.  Saturday evening, enjoy dinner and a show at our Famous Dinner Theater.  Stick around after the show for more clues.  Complimentary, made to order breakfast is served each morning.  During Saturday morning breakfast you will receive another clue and finally on Sunday morning you will submit your theory.  Whoever guesses correctly will receive a prize.  Do you have what it takes to untangle a murder mystery?


Mayhem on the Mall: Fins Bar & Grille have their second annual Mayhem on the Mall on Saturday, October 29 starting at 10 PM  with entertainment and drink specials. Plus Prizes for Best Costumes.


Cape May Stage Presents: Simply Barbara perfomed by Steven Brinberg. 

The NY Times stated that Steven Brinberg was “The most gifted impressionist in the world, not only is his signing voice is the closest to Streisand’s, but he is hilarious as well.

The London Times found this to be “A delicious combination of humor and great signing capturing the essence of a legend”

Date: October 30th

Time: 8pm

Place: Cape May Stage

This is one night only event and tickets can be purchased online at http://capemaystage.org or at 609-770-8311

Prices: 25.00 for general admission

35.00 for Vip admission which includes a met and greet with the Great Steven Brinberg.


In addition to the events listed above many farms and campgrounds offer events through the entire month. Some are kid friendly, but remember just be safe this Halloween Season and Have a Spooktacular time (I know this is the like the third time I said Spooktacular( now 4) but I love the fall season and who doesn’t love saying Spooktacualr (5) okay I promise I will stop now…


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Georgia Dougherty




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