What is CMCmoms?

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What is Cape May County Moms?  Cape May County Moms is a website devoted to connecting the moms in our area. To help them know about events that are going on before they happen, t  o empower moms, and to give them a virtual place to come and realize they are more than just MOMS….!!!!! WE are moms that have the most important job in the world.  Some of us work, some of us have returned to school for our degree, some of us are still dreaming of what we want to be when we grow up.  Please meet some of our writers below, and if you feel like you want your voice to be heard, then I think it is time to stand up and (ok don’t stand up-sit down at your computer) email Karen at magicmommyreviews@gmail.com

Karen Sweitzer Owner/ Editor/ Publisher of Cape May Moms/ Moms of Cape May/  Cape May County Moms


Georgia is a wife, mom of two girls 10 and 6 and works full time at The Coalition against Rape and Abuse (CARA) as the youth advocate and volunteer coordinator. Most of her responsibility at CARA is to go out into the community and talk to the kids about personal safety issues. She believes that kids need to be informed on the issues of today which is a philosophy she brings home. Family is her biggest accomplishment and she wants her children to grow up in a family that shares, communicates and respects each other. Georgia also believes in a sense of community which is why she spends most of her free time coaching sports teams along with her husband for the Lower Township Rec. She wants to be a good role model for her children and this is what inspired her to come on board for Cape May moms. Georgia is Mrs. Thrifty and hates buying anything unless it is on sale and loves a good deal. And she will be the first to tell you that her family motto is Family, Fun, and Free is for me so hopefully she can give us some tips on coupons and she can save us all some money.


Michele is a mom of two teenage boys. Thank God for hair dye.  Hang in there ladies who have little ones. A little touch up here and there always makes the day shine. :) She also is a full time massage therapist at a major spa in the area who works her fingers to the bones. It’s a grueling job but has given her so much knowledge that she wants to share with all of you.   Some of her hobbies are gardening, cooking healthy, weight training. She in very excited to share some great information about how we can unwind our sometimes crazy lives being a ‘mom-on-the go.


Heidi moved to Cape May in June of 2009. Her husband is in the Coast Guard and kids go to Lower Township Schools. Originally from San Francisco Bay Area in California, she lived in Maryland for three years before coming to the Jersey Point. Heidi is studying now to receive her Masters in School Counseling and enjoys sushi and socializing. Military life offers different challenges, one of them being making new friends and getting to know new communities in each city. This is what has inspired Heidi to write for Cape May Mom’s and share her thoughts and hopefully some smiles.


Tanya is a wife, mom, and student at ACCC.   An active mom to a teen that keeps her going, she is trying to be a “green mom” in today’s disposable times.  Tanya likes to live life, and sees being earth friendly as a benefit, not a hindrance. She believes that a journey starts with a single step and that everyone can take that first step to living a greener lifestyle. Tanya is passionate about sharing ideas and tips from her own life that can inspire others to be “A Friend to Eco.” Tanya is a blogging Brit abroad with a passion for God’s creation, and a desire to step lightly upon it.


Erin is a proud Cape May County Mom to two boys, ages almost 4 and just turned 2. She is convinced she’ll be completely gray by the time they’re both potty trained. A “renaissance mom” she enjoys spending time with her family, saving money, crafts (especially playing with beads), working in her little vegetable garden, reading, writing and Maxwell House Coffee. She writes about all of that, plus local family fun.


Karen, A Magical Mommy, is Mommy to the Fantastic 4!  She’s the owner of a professional cleaning service called Magical Maids.  She is an organizing and cleaning specialist, and sometimes she’ll tackle it on Tuesday!  She is OWNER/ Publisher of Cape May Moms.  She loves to attend and throw Charity events.  And she also believes everything should smell good.  Also, that finishing the laundry is like finding the end of a rainbow! She tries never to take herself seriously!  You can reach her at magicmommyreviews@gmail.com if you have any questions about Cape May County Moms.


Melissa is a cloth diapering, breastfeeding, vegetarian Cape May Mom of two, ages 3 and 1.  A former preschool and kindergarten teacher she now spends her days teaching her little ones about the joys of the world.  Melissa believes that a healthy kid is a happy kid – and a happy kid makes for a happy mom!  Life is short.  Keep things simple.  When she is not busy chasing her kids around the house, she enjoys playing clarinet with the South Jersey Area Wind Ensemble.


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