Aldi Shopping 101

Aldi Shopping 101


Aldi Food Market will be hosting its Grand Opening Bash Nov. 17th at 3201 Route 9 South, Rio Grande, NJ.
There will be lots of great prizes, free samples, and a chance at FREE produce for a year.




What You Need To Know

aldi 101


Aldi boasts quality products at up to 50% savings when compared to national brands.  According to Business Insider,  Aldi’s prices were 30% cheaper than Walmart.

What Makes Aldi Different:

Aldi is a German chain that is a “Control Label Operator”, which means they primarily sell their own private brand of food.  This makes the Aldi shopping experience very unique. There is no competition between brands, or BOGO’s, or coupons, there is just the Aldi brand.  The packaging in most cases closely resembles that of the national brand, and the price is much cheaper.  This makes shopping at Aldi much more streamlined and faster.

Inside the Store:

Since Aldi stores only sell their own brand, stores are smaller. This saves the company money on rent, and utilities.  Aldi also only employs a small staff.  The Rio Grande location will have around 10 employees. There are no shelves to stock;  a forklift is used to position large pallets right on the sales floor.  The pallets are unwrapped and signs are hung with pricing.

Shopping Bags:

When shopping at Aldi you’ll need to bring your own bags. They do not offer paper or plastic bags free like in other stores.  You can purchase their reusable bags, or use empty boxes from the pallet displays.

Shopping Carts:

Shopping carts at Aldi require a coin deposit.  You put your coin in to get your cart, and you get it back when the cart is returned

The logo of German discount supermarket


Aldi Food: Organic and Gluten Free:

Consumers are buying organic and gluten free items now more than ever.  Aldi has taken strides to give consumers what they want and compete in this ever growing market.

Aldi has removed certified synthetic colors, partially hydrogenated oils, and added MSG from all its private-label products.

Their own meat product line, “Never Any!” contains no added antibiotics, hormones, animal by-products or other additives.

Aldi’s Simply Nature line is free from 125 artificial ingredients, and it’s a gluten-free liveGfree brand.


Aldi’s milk is free from artificial growth hormones, and they’ve been expanding that to include their yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese, and other dairy products.

Aldi also offers its own brand of more sophisticated foods like artisan cheeses, smoked salmon, quinoa, and coconut oil.

You can see what Aldi has to offer HERE!

Aldi is a great place to buy your low cost basics.  They are expanding their product line, but still don’t offer the vast selection of a traditional super market. Aldi’s product line is of a good quality despite the low prices. You’ll find somethings you prefer, and some you don’t. You may love the brownies, but prefer name brand chips.

More Ways To Save:

Unlike other stores, Aldi’s sales flyer comes out 2 weeks before the sale.  This is great if you like to plan out your shopping.  You can get the flyer in the store, view it online, or use their handy Aldi app on your phone.

Located in the middle of the store you’ll find Aldi’s “Special Buys”.  The Special Buys are usual themed seasonal items worth checking out. If you see something you like buy it, because it might not be back again. There are no rain-checks.


Every Wednesday Aldi posts a Fresh Meat Special Buy.  The meat is fresh, and the price is super low. Be aware that the quantity is very limited and it disappears fast.




Happy Shopping!


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